The aim and objective of CECOS alumni has maintained the relation with alumni and CECOS university.
  • Serve on alumni or endowment or foundation board.
  • Help update information about other alumni, where are they, what are they doing, do they need any social and professional help.
  • Help identifying alumni with capacity to extend their technical and financial support to the CECOS and its alumni.
  • Serve on advisory boards and examination for department or institution as a whole.
  • Serve as mentor to students in particular major.
  • Recruit prospective students from their home towns by visiting schools.
  • Refer prospective students to the institution (e.g. letter of recommendation).
  • May host reception or events for enrollment in their home towns.
  • Helps to make connections between institutions and potential private sector donors
  • Lend prestige to the institution through their outstanding accomplishments.

Alumni Directory

To help the university in establishing linkage with its alumni, please send us updated information and also find your class mate from the alumni list. ALUMNI DIRECTORY


The CECOS Alumni have achieved a legacy of excellence and leadership in all walks of life. To honor their success and acknowledge their contributions, CECOS hold different type of events from time to time to give networking opportunity for its Alumni to meet and share their thoughts and experience with their mates.