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We offer degree programs in Electrical, Civil & Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Computer Sciences, Biotechnology, Business Administration, Commerce & Technology.

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  • To offer educational programs for career development.
  • To adopt a personalized approach with a close relationship between the faculty and the students.
  • To continuously improve the capacity of its faculty.
  • To develop education programs, integrating theory and practice for better results.
  • To plan measures and continuously monitor the sustainable development of the University.
  • To promote international perspectives in the curriculum, among students and faculty.
  • To develop curricula of international standards and create an environment where students can develop analytical abilities.


To nurture an intellectually stimulating environment that provides rich and holistic educational programs with world-class research and innovation to produce highly skilled graduates with strong moral character. We take great pride in contributing to society through the pursuit of our distinctive commitment to ethics, tolerance, social responsibility, and academic freedom.

To be the leading hub of academic excellence and innovation, and to address the global challenges of today and tomorrow.


CECOS University believes in the abilities of its staff and students regardless of their gender, caste, ethnicity or religion. To encourage female students to pursue education for the sole purpose of increasing the literacy rate in Pakistan, they are granted a 20% concession in tuition fees. Apart from this, students from diverse backgrounds from across the country are studying at CECOS University and are never discriminated against. Students of other religions are treated fairly. All of the staff and students have been provided with a peaceful and harmonious environment.


The University Charter of Social Responsibility is established to guide the conduct of activities at CECOS University so that the University operations can be managed sensibly and responsibly, giving due consideration to its impact on the environment and society and balancing growth with sustainability. The Charter covers the areas of Ethics, Students, Employees, Community, Environment, Health and Safety. All the Staff Members of the University are required to comply with this Charter in an intellectual and creative center for effective engagement in a world that increasingly demands better-designed objects, communication, systems, and organizations to meet social needs.

The University is committed to promote ethical standards to be adopted by students, faculty and other staff members. This should include standards relating to behavior of students, staff, research, academic, administrative and other activities. The University should ensure that there are associated codes of conduct covering the required standards.

The University is committed to:

    • Providing a stimulating learning environment for students.
    • Helping students to achieve their maximum potentials.
    • Making students aware of the importance and nature of social responsibility a part of their education at the University; for example the need to protect the environment and show care and concern for those in need.
    • Preparing students to graduate and make a positive contribution to the community.

The University should:

    • Adopt the best practice in its Human Resources Management policies.
    • Assist staff to develop their full potentials as members of the University workforce and provide opportunities for professional development.
    • Observe the fundamentals of human rights, safety and non-discrimination.
    • Provide fair compensation and implement a minimum wages policy.
    • Enhance employees involvement in the decision-making processes, as deemed suitable, by leveraging formal university bodies like Board of Studies, Academic Council and other relevant channels.

The University should:

    • Communicate  with  organizations  and  local  residents  on  the long-term development of the University to ensure that these are beneficial to all.
    • Consider giving access to the facilities of the University as appropriate in support of the development of the community.
    • Promote Knowledge Transfer as a core means of contribution to technological, social and other developments in the community.

The University should:

    • Ensure that developments in the University are sustainable and do not have a negative impact on the environment;
    • Promote the concepts of the 3 Rs of Reduction, Reuse and Recycling and eliminate the use of non-degradable materials, where possible;
    • Provide equipment, training and other resources to ensure a healthy and safe environment for the students and staff.


CECOS University is committed to providing high-quality education services of international standards with a vision of achieving excellence in teaching and research. Our aim is to produce knowledgeable individuals with a good moral character who are well prepared to face future challenges in various fields including Architecture, Business Management, Computer, Engineering, and Life Sciences.


With a blend of knowledgeable instructors and zealous students, CECOS University offers a life full of new challenges and advancement to all those who yearn to fulfill their dreams and achieve their objectives in their selected field of interest.

At CECOS we believe in providing the students with every facility which will help them in enhancing their existing knowledge and assist them in exploring new fields and horizons. We make every effort to ensure that anyone who enters CECOS is groomed in every manner so that when he leaves us to join the practical world, he is able to stand tall amongst the rest and achieve great heights of success.

With all the modern-age facilities at CECOS, the top priority is given to assisting the students in utilizing every means available in acquiring the most advanced education/training available.

A one-stop shop, as we like to call it here at CECOS, we have made sure that from the day a student enters CECOS he is provided with all the information he needs in one place. At the time of admission, whether it relates to inquiring about the course structure and other relevant details or whether it relates to credit transfer, all the matters are dealt with from this one desk.

The ERO’s office ensures that the record of every student at the campus is kept updated and proper. All the academic and non-academic activities of the student are recorded for future use and reference. The office is responsible for ensuring that the progress reports and other related information are sent to the parents of the students at the proper time to keep them well informed of the progress their son/daughter.

Recently renovated, CECOS University has a library providing the students with the latest books and journals which not only assist them in gathering all the information required in completing their course work but also enhance and polish their skills.

With a vast collection of books and international journals, the students of CECOS can use the extended hours of the library for satisfying their thirst for knowledge.

With over a hundred Pentium IV computers, the computer labs of CECOS are the most updated and well equipped all over. Free internet access and the availability of any kind of software provide the students of every field with a gateway to acquiring all the skills necessary to become professionals in their selected fields.

The university is able to offer you help if you find that for any reason you meet problems and difficulties during your time at the university. Whether the problem is education related or domestic, the University counselor is available to the students throughout working hours for guidance and support.

To facilitate the students coming to CECOS from different areas of Peshawar, the University has provided its students with transport facilities at the most convenient rates. The student, rather than taking a discomforting ride in public transport prefers to opt for University transport as it costs much less while the comfort is incomparable.

CECOS has many students who belong to other areas of the province. The quality education being provided has also attracted many students from other provinces of Pakistan. The university has arranged for accommodation for many such students at the University Hostel situated near the main campus of the University. With proper rooms and facilities, the University tries its best to provide a comfortable environment for these students.

The university provides its students with an insight into the current market as well as help with working out and implementing strategies in achieving their aims. You may discuss any ideas, concerns and issues on a one-to-one basis with the experienced faculty for in-depth guidance. The university is in regular contact with a large number of opportunity providers including local, national and international employers, and professional associations and provides the students with every available information on vacancies, recruitment processes, training courses, presentations and occupational information. Vacancy lists are regularly posted on Notice Boards to inform the students about interviews in the leading organizations.

Financial support is available if you find yourself in hardship. The University’s merit cum need scholarship is available to all those students who may not be able to support themselves due to any difficulties in life. As per the recommendations of the committee especially constituted for this purpose a student is given whatever relief possible. The students who attain excellence in studies are awarded merit scholarships. Every semester top three students of every batch are given scholarships worth thousands of rupees.

The University has provided its students with a well-maintained cafeteria. The proper facility of refreshment has been provided to all at very reasonable rates. Students feel pleasure getting together during breaks to revitalize more energy consumption in campus studies.

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