CECOS University

It was a proud day for CECOS University of IT and emerging sciences, Peshawar, KP's first and most iconic university with an established legacy of nearly four decades.

The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Mr. Najeeb Haroon, Chairman Pakistan Engineering Council.

More than five hundred graduates and their parents participated in the ceremony along with the faculty of CECOS University. 14 students were awarded gold medal distinction on the basis of outstanding performance during their academic career.

The atmosphere during the ceremony was filled with pride & hope among the eyes of parents looking up to their children as leaders of tomorrow. Prof. Dr. Naseer Ahmad, Vice Chancellor of CECOS University stressed the students to take the next step of entering their professional life very seriously along with remembering to be the ambassador of CECOS in all walks of their life.


Chairman PEC, Mr. Najeeb Haroon shared his views on the inspiration of graduates. He evoked the concept of entrepreneurship to the newly graduated students and reminded the graduates that they are the future of Pakistan. Mr. Najeeb concluded with well wishes and congratulations to Engr. Tanveer Javed, President CECOS University and his team on achievement of numerous milestones.

“It is the toughest of times in terms of worldwide economic conditions, but it is these conditions that need new ideas and new approaches to bring the change that is needed, be that change and be that new idea that inspires the world,” said Engr. Tanveer Javed, President of CECOS University during his note of thanks.

The ceremony concluded with an exchange of souvenirs between the President CECOS & Chief Guest followed by the traditional Graduation Hat Toss photo session of the graduated students.

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