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National Conference on Literature, Culture, and Climate.

In an era marked by unprecedented ecological and existential crises, the role of humanities—particularly literature and culture becomes increasingly vital in fostering understanding, empathy, and action. NCLCC-24, “Voices for the Earth: Literature and Culture in the Era of Climate Change”, organized by the Department of English, KKKUK in collaboration with the Department of English Language & Literature, University of Chitral, serves as the humanities’ response to climate calamities. NCLCC-24 aims to unite scholars, researchers, and students to explore how contemporary literary and cultural texts grapple with the multifaceted challenges posed by anthropogenic climate change, marking the beginning of a grand climate pledge.

1. Foster interdisciplinary dialogue among scholars and researchers in the fields of humanities, particularly in literature and culture.
2. Examine the diverse ways in which climate change is depicted, imagined, and interrogated within literary and cultural texts.
3. Identify innovative research approaches for studying climate change in the humanities.
4. Contribute insights to the global discourse on climate change by foregrounding the ecocentric perspectives of literature and culture.
For Registration & Further Information Contact: ncclc.chitral@gmail.com or WhatsApp: +92 318 484 9933

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